Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions including Customer Information

1. Scope
1.1 and are services of the Horology Ventures UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (hereafter „TIQTOQ”) provides end users on the before mentioned URL’s with free product and service information („offers”) from third-party companies („service”). 
1.2 The terms of use apply to all users of the service

2. Offers and Contractual Relationships
2.1 TIQTOQ provides information about the partners for the users only. TIQTOQ and the partners also operate their respective internet sites independently of each other.
2.2 TIQTOQ explicitly distances itself from the internet presences of the partners, which are linked to internet sites, operated or hosted by TIQTOQ. TIQTOQ has no influence on the design and contents of the linked pages, as well as their subpages respectively.
2.3 TIQTOQ reserves the right to change, amend, or remove parts of the displayed offers or all offers without prior notice, or to terminate the publication temporarily or permanently.
2.4 Offers presented by partners are not offers made by TIQTOQ. By using the service, there is no entering into contractual relations between the user and TIQTOQ regarding the offers. Contracts leading to the purchase of products or services presented in the offers are concluded exclusively between the user and the partner. In this respect, the General Terms and Conditions of the respective partner may be applied.
2.5 In case of interest in an offer, the user is being forwarded to the internet site of the partner who placed the offer originally. The user is obliged to verify all information relevant for the conclusion of the contract and its timeliness prior to conclusion of the contract with the partner on the basis of the general information of the respective partner. This applies in particular to the the currently stated valid selling price.
3. Property Rights
3.1 All data, information, search results and text of the internet sites, operated by TIQTOQ, are protected according to the copyright law. Duplication, distribution and processing in whole or in part is only permitted with the written permission of TIQTOQ. Any unauthorized copying, distribution, processing, public access and / or public reproduction constitutes a copyright infringement and will be legally pursued.
3.2 TIQTOQ advises the user that company names, brands, logos and / or product names listed in the partners’ web sites are also legally protected.
3.3 The offers of the partners displayed on and are for information purposes only and may only be used by the user for private purposes. The user is not entitled to download the offers to a computer and / or storage media. The repetitive and systematic downloading, even of parts which are negligible in nature and extent, is equivalent to downloading of a substantial part of the offers by type and scope. Printing offers is only permitted for private purposes and only in the extent required for this purpose. Offers may only be passed on to private individuals for private purposes only and to a limited extent. Any use of the offers for business purposes, in particular the commercial use, is prohibited.
4. Warranty
4.1 TIQTOQ makes every effort to ensure that the content is correct and legally correct.
4.2 TIQTOQ assumes no liability for the timeliness, correctness, admissibility, completeness and quality of the offers displayed.
4.3 TIQTOQ does not assume any liability for the fact that the displayed offers can actually be purchased at the stated conditions at the respective partners.
4.4 TIQTOQ aims to provide its service technically free of faults, but reserves the right to use a freely determinable time frame for solving technical issues.
4.5 TIQTOQ assumes no liability for the functionality and compatibility of the internet presences of the partners as well as of systems, programs or similar, which are not part of the internet sites and

5. Timeliness of Prices and Availability
5.1 TIQTOQ makes every effort to ensure that displayed prices and the availability of the products are as up-to-date as possible and updates prices as well as availability several times a day. However, prices that partners have demanded for their products and the availability may have already changed on the internet presence of the partner since the last respective update of data records on and
5.2 For technical reasons it is not possible to update prices and availability in real time. In exceptional cases, it may therfore happen that displayed products can not be purchased at the price stated at and or may no longer available.