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Rumoe – Nobel Royal Rose Gold – Black


Rumoe – Nobel Royal Rose Gold – White


Rumoe – Nobel Royal Stainless Steel – White


Rumoe – Nobel Royal Stainless Steel – Black


Rumoe is a young company that got their start in the year 2016 when a group of watch enthusiasts joined forces to create what they believed would be the perfect watch, and one that was the pinnacle of classic Swedish design. Because they hail from Sweden, the company is familiar with the high expectations that society has there and strives to make watches that adhere to these expectations with ease. Their goal is to give people all over the globe the chance to own Rumoe watches, and so far, they are sold in over 80 countries and are always expanding their reach.

The Nobel Royal is the premier watch being offered by Rumoe. It draws inspiration from traditional Swedish design and turns those details into something that any watch enthusiast can appreciate. Each watch is available with a 316L stainless steel case that either has a stainless steel- or rose gold-toned finish. The case measures 40 millimeters in size and plays host to either a black or white dial. Protecting the dials is a sapphire crystal glass. A Japanese Seiko NH35 movement keeps the time, and black calf leather watch straps connect the watch to the wrist.

You can buy your very own Rumoe Nobel Royal watch on our website for a price of 339€. Each one of them comes with free shipping to any place in the world, ensuring that anyone who wants one of these beautiful Swedish timepieces can get one at a reasonable price.

Perfect Timing

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