Musha Damascus – Bringing Japanese Sword-Making Details To The World Of Watches 2. July 2018 – by  – Posted in: Magazine

Musha Damascus watches were conceived with one idea in mind: bring traditional Japanese style and sword-making details to the world of watches in order to shake up the common themes found in most other timepieces. These watches take advantage of Damascus steel as their case material, and they employ traditional Japanese silk braiding techniques to create the watch straps. Each part of the watch stems from Japanese culture with the hope of sharing it with the world.

Musha Damascus watches most prominently take inspiration from samurai swords. The Damascus steel cases have patterns on them like what might be etched into a sword, and each one is different, promising that there are no two Musha Damascus watches that are the same. The Musha Damascus watches also come with two strap choices. The first is a galuchat leather strap, and this sort of leather is the kind that was originally used to help create the handles of traditional swords. The other is the Japanese braided silk bands, which have the Nobunaga Oda family crest to pay homage to the respected feudal lord during the Segoku era in Japanese history, keeping these watches steeped in Japanese history.

Musha Damascus watches were able to reach their crowdfunding goal on a Japanese crowdfunding side in only two months, reaching well over 1200 percent of their goal during that time. Their watches are now being moved to an official kickstarter page to begin crowdfunding there.

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