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A Scandinavian watchmaking business, E.C.Andersson Watch Co. is a company that strives to keep traditional Swedish timepiece design alive while also incorporating more contemporary elements to make them more accessible to a modern audience. The result is two beautiful lines of timepieces that are at once sophisticated and durable, making them a viable option for any watch collector.

a.c.andersson 360

The North Sea II is the choice for those who intend to take their watches out on the sea. E.C.Andersson Watch Co. has designed these watches to have a more nautical feel and a sophisticated look, making them ideal for both traveling and work at the same time. Each watch is simple to read, thanks to the illuminated indices that allow for legibility in any dark environment. A clear minute window makes it even simpler to read the time at a glance, and the mechanical movement inside of the timepiece keeps that time updated and accurate.

e.c.andersson dial

The other E.C.Andersson Watch Co. line of watches is the Calypso line. They come either in the Premium or Sports style, each one with stylish sandblasted 316L stainless steel cases and easy-to-read indices. The sport watch has a 100m waterproof rating, making it rugged enough to be taken on your adventures while still being formal enough for wear to work or parties. The Calypso premium is designed with the same high-quality materials but is better suited for wear on land.

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