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For those looking for sophisticated timepieces that can be worn as easily on the streets as they can be worn out in the wild, you’re in luck. BOLDR watches are hoping to serve the niche of rugged adventurists who value a gorgeous timepiece with their new line of watches, the BOLDR Venture. This BOLDR Venture is a heavy-duty watch that can put up with whatever your adventuring throws at it without sacrificing the style you love.

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These BOLDR Venture watches begin with something new for BOLDR: watches that are crafted entirely out of titanium, an aerospace grade material that is virtually indestructible and can outlast even the most daring of adventures. Alongside the titanium cases that show no signs of wear and tear, the BOLDR Venture watches come with a sapphire crystal glass window that protects the dial of the watch from nicks, scratches or other kinds of damages that your travels might otherwise bring upon it.

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Each strap of the BOLDR Venture is just as strong as the rest of the watch, as they are created out of equally as indestructible ballistic nylon. They are hard to rip or tear and can withstand as much damage as the other parts of the watch. Each one of these watches comes with heavy-duty titanium buckles and clasps for added durability and security around the wrist. Choose the watch straps in colors such as jungle green, adventure khaki and carbon black. The watch straps, nor the titanium case weighs down these watches, each one lightweight, slim and easy to wear. The iconic angled lugs of the BOLDR Venture also allow for a more comfortable fit.

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Find these BOLDR Venture watches when their campaign starts up on October 1st, 2018. Every watch purchased is expected to be delivered November 2018. They are holding a month-long preorder that will allow you to get the watch for an early bird price of $99, or you can get it later on at a price of $169.

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