Blenheim London – Classic Style Designs Suitable To Be Worn In The Modern Age 6. April 2018 – by  – Posted in: Magazine

A London-based watch company, Blenheim London is a luxury watch company that makes classic style designs suitable to be worn in the modern age. Their watch designs take their inspiration from watchmaking styles and aesthetics both old and new to give you a taste of the broad-spectrum of timepieces that exists today.

Blenheim London

At Blenheim London, you can choose from a variety of different collections. The collections are titled Kensington, B3180, Navigator and Pilot. Each one comes with its own unique traits, some verging more on the simplistic side of things while others feature classic details that can appeal to the lover of traditional timepieces. Available in tones such as silver, golden and black, you can find a watch with the right aesthetic to suit your taste. These timepieces feature reliable and accurate Ronda Z60 quartz movements that keep the time effortlessly. The case is made out of durable 316L stainless steel and each one features a sapphire crystal glass over the dial, preventing scratches and eliminating glare.

Blenheim London

If you want to own your own Blenheim watch, you can buy it on their website. All of the many collections that are offered are featured there. Depending on the watch you want and the collection from which you shop, you can expect to pay anywhere between € 45 and € 180, making these luxury watches highly affordable. Shipping is absolutely free to anyone in the world, opening up the opportunity for anyone at all to own one of their stylish timepieces.

The Blenheim London Collection