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Nordgreen is operated by people who take pride in their Danish heritage and incorporate elements of their hometown of Copenhagen into every watch they create. They believe each watch is an opportunity to tell a story, and they achieve that while developing watches that are simplistic, stylish and certainly affordable. Their men’s and women’s watches are both designed by one of the owners of the company, renowned for his work and the recipient of many design awards.


Bulbul Watches strives to create contemporary watches that can hold their own in the large modern watch industry. They craft their watches using time-honored traditions and styles that are truly ahead of their time. The founder spent time traveling around the world collecting ideas to find what could set his watches apart from other Scandinavian watches and landed on the asymmetrical Pebble cases. The ultra-modern cases took inspiration from small pebbles he found while exploring shorelines in Scandinavia.


VEJRHØJ is a young company that was born with the dream of bringing the founder’s passion for watches to life and to share them with the world. The name VEJRHØJ comes from an area where the founder grew up, and the design and craftsmanship of these watches shines through in not only the name but also in the traditional Danish crafting of each and every watch. The VEJRHØJ watches all have unique natural elements to them and stray away from the belief that all watches must only be made of metal.


At Kanske, the owners and designers set out to create watches that truly reflect the visions and styles of Denmark. Their watches are all unique in their reflection of varied aspects of different lifestyles in everyday Danish life, helping to bring some of their Danish culture to different parts of the world. Their watches are creative and experimental, making them truly stand out in the world of watches.

About Vintage

About Vintage was created by two childhood friends on vacation in Mexico where a conversation sparked an idea for a watch design and ended at the drawing board to bring the design to life. Each of their watches is entirely organic in its conception and execution, bringing the minds of two designers to life so that their unique, worldly styles can be shared with the world.

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