5 Independent Swedish Watch Brands On The Rise 11. June 2018 – by  – Posted in: Magazine

The Swedish watchmaking industry is one that has been making a name for itself for quite some time. Many of the watches created in Sweden have one thing in common among their abundance of glowing traits: they are all made with the finest-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. While there are some Swedish brands that are more famous than others, there are just as many up-and-coming, independent watch brands from Sweden that deserve your attention.


Rumoe watches were created in 2016 when watch enthusiasts began devoting themselves to creating what they believe to be the perfect Swedish watch. Driven by the high standards in their perfectionist cultures, Rumoe takes into account the lifestyle in Sweden and translates that into each of their detailed, luxury timepieces that take inspiration from traditional designs of years gone by.



Gaxs was founded in 2012 and is motivated by the desire to create a timeless watch that brings luxury to their customers at an affordable price. Each watch is designed to suit your love for minimalistic design, and they are priced low enough to ensure that you can buy one for every occasion, so you can always accessorize at your best. Each one comes in a variety of sizes, but all focus on deep gray and black dials that add mystery to any attire.


Bonvier watches are designed after the owners’ favorite classic watches with an emphasis on minimalistic design, bringing to their wearers the best of both worlds. Inside and out, the watches are stunning, thanks to their high-quality movements, cases and components. They are available in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes, featuring an array of colored dials, subdials, and plenty of beautiful straps for you to choose from.

Knut Gadd

Knut Gadd is a brand that started after the creator went on a worldwide journey to find the origins and inspirations of his grandfather’s favorite watch. After a fruitless search, he finally decided to just recreate the watch himself and opened up the company to do so. The watches take cues from the watch his grandfather loved and Knut Gadd makes them accessible to anyone who wants them.


Miró watches were born from the desire to create timepieces that are truly timeless, letting them outlast the fashion trends to come while taking cues from classical designs. Their goal is to create watches with Nordic influence that can be passed on from generation to generation, sending forth the minimalistic details of this Swedish watch brand far into the future and that will appeal to everyone who sees them, no matter their age.

No matter what sort of qualities you love in a watch, you can be sure to find them within one of these incredible Swedish watch brands. Stay ahead of the trends and get your own watch from one of these companies on the rise to wow your friends before anyone else discovers them.