4 Exiting Independent French Watch Brands 14. June 2018 – by  – Posted in: Magazine

When it comes to watches, many people tend to turn to Switzerland as the authority on high-quality timepieces more than anywhere else. While they are certainly popular for a reason, there are a lot of other countries that are creating fabulous watches that are being overlooked just because prospective buyers simply don’t know about them. One of the countries that are currently taking the timepiece industry by storm is France, and when you take a look at some of the watches below, you can clearly see why that is.

Satory Billard

Satory Billard came onto the scene hoping to create a watch that can be easily customized by its wearer. These watches allow their wearers to easily change out the bezel of the watches so they can always have a fresh-looking timepiece to wear with whatever they like. Satory Billard designs have a uniquely curved case that makes them stand out from the others and use a powerful Miyota 8215 movement. Each one is assembled in the heart of French watchmaking, Franche Comte.

William L. 1985

This brand began its journey due to the creator being passed down a vintage watch from the 50s, and he decided he wanted to try and make vintage watches that mimicked that one at a price that was not off-putting. Using his trusted contacts in the watchmaking world, he brought his dream to life through crowdfunding and now produces quality vintage watches that embody not only traditional craftsmanship but design styles as well. William L. 1985 creates large and small watches, calendar watches, diver watches and accessories to go with them.


Baltic watches stem from a family of watch enthusiasts driven by their passion to create classic watches. They aim to do this by adding minimalism to the standard traditional watch, stripping from these watches the unnecessary parts and details to only leave the stunning basics behind. Using pure watchmaking technique, they create neo-vintage 1940s-inspired watches that come with mechanical movements and are born from traditional Step Case watches, which have a distinctive edge to them and are surrounded by hesalite glass.

Oliver Jonquet

Striving for uniqueness, Oliver Jonquet watches were born in 2013 and take inspiration from race cars and their intricate, eye-catching dashboards. They use unique indices and hands that not only draw attention to the detail of the timepieces but that make them simpler to read as well. Their watches are all squared off in nature, offering a welcomed change from the world of large, circular timepieces. Each one of the watches has its own unique features that make it stand out from the rest, ensuring that you will find the one that best suits your unique taste and one that expresses who you are as a person.

These watches are some of the most unique and popular French timepieces being circulated in the industry today. There is a striking, up-and-coming French watch for everyone, so find yours today.